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Nakd: Trek Bars & Flapjacks


Trek bars are another product by Nature Balance Foods, you could say they’re Nakd bars big brothers!

If you are going to compare the 2 products, the first thing will notice is that Trek bars are bigger than Nakd bars: Trek bars are 55g, Nakd bars are 35g, making them a more substantial snack bar. There are 2 products in this range: flapjacks and energy bars- I have 2 flapjacks and 1 energy bar. As you will notice from the picture below, the word ‘protein’ is everywhere! These are ideal pre and post workout to boost your protein intake and boost energy levels. Even though they are mainly aimed to be a workout snack, on the wrapper it also says ‘with a cuppa’ and ‘on the go’, so anyone can snack on one!

Both products can be purchased on the Nature Balance Foods website where you can buy cases, or you can by individual bars from supermarkets. I purchased mine for 90p each from Sainsbury’s.

Trek 2.jpg

Energy Bar

What Nature Balance Foods say about their energy bars:

TREK Protein Energy Bars pack 10g of protein and are made with all natural ingredients (fruit, oats and protein crunchies), each carefully considered to give you lasting energy. With no added sugar or syrups these cold-pressed wholefood bars are 1 of your 5 a day and gluten, wheat & dairy free – and they’re vegan too!

TREK Protein Flapjacks are a British classic, revolutionised! Packing 9-10g of protein, our delicious flapjacks provide a 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio, perfect for exercise recovery. Gluten free and proudly vegan, TREK Protein Flapjacks give you reliable long lasting energy, when you need it most.

Ideal for sports and fitness fans and great for those looking for a nourshing and filling snack. TREK bars have you covered.  Nature is Power.

The only flavour I have is Cocoa Chaos, but they also come in 3 other flavours: Berry Burst, Peanut Power and Banana Blast- I would love to try all of them! Like Nakd bars, they are made with 100% natural ingredients. They have a few extra ingredients to provide the extra protein. The bars come in 3 chunks so you can nibble on it through the day, or, have it all in one go (more likely!). The bar is quite chewy and dense, making it enjoyable to eat. I really like these bars as they are filling and full of goodness!



What Nature Balance Foods say about their flapjacks:

TREK Protein Flapjacks are a British classic, revolutionised! Made with gluten-free oats, our Protein Flapjacks contain 9-10g of protein per bar. We’ve made our flapjacks to an optimal 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio, perfect for exercise recovery.

Filling enough as a breakfast on the go or as a delicious snack that keeps you fuller for longer, our flapjacks are perfect for keeping you going; whether scaling a mountain of work or taking on your next fitness challenge! They’re vegan, high in fibre and most importantly, taste great!

In the picture below I have the ‘Cocoa Oat’ flavour, and I also have ‘Cocoa Coconut’, which I haven’t tried yet (tempting!). The other flavours include: Banana Bread, Oat Raisin, Morning Berry and Original Oat. There aren’t as many flavours in these 2 ranges compared to the original Nakd bars, I think this might be because they are still fairly new products. As you can probably guess the main ingredients are oats, which of course are great for energy release. The flapjacks have a dairy-free chocolate coating- it is the right thickness in my opinion to complement the base. If you eat a lot of the Trek energy bars for protein whilst working out, these would make a nice change if you still wanted protein but fancied something different.


Final Thoughts

I like the flapjacks but would prefer to have an energy/Nakd bar (or a regular flapjack!). These are ideal for people who need protein who working out.

I have also reviewed the original Nakd bars here

Question: Have you tried these Trek bars before?



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