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Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette Review

I’ve only recently started wearing eyeshadow again. I mean, I use to wear it when I first started wearing makeup, maybe at the age of 13/14; I used to wear a single bright colour on my eyelids. One day I must have realised this wasn’t correct, so I just stopped wearing it.

I wanted to start wearing eyeshadow again about a year ago, so I bought ‘Collection: Eyes Uncovered Nude‘ palette from Superdrug for £3.99. I don’t have any complaints about it, apart from the colour payoff isn’t very good.

Where To Buy & Price

I was browsing the Debenhams website one day, like you do, and was drawn to the eyeshadow palettes. Debenhams had 10% off beauty products that day, so I thought why not? I ordered this Too Faced Natural Eyes palette as an upgrade for my Collection palette. I was excited for it to arrive…I used it straight away! The RRP for this product is £32, making it £3.50 per colour. Click the link here to see it on the Debenhams website.

Brand Description

Look naturally gorgeous for any occasion, from everyday to your wedding day. Our best-selling Natural Eyes collection allows you to perfect the most flattering, most requested look in the glamour universe. Newly made over in the prettiest packaging, the palette features nine matte and shimmer shadows in beautiful neutrals ranging from soft and pretty to slightly sexy and three new shades. Natural Eyes is a 2014 Brides Magazine award winner for Best Palette to Wear On Your Big Day!Where From? What’s the Price?


Quite a lot of eyeshadow palettes come in cardboard or plastic packaging, but this one comes in a tin with a magnetic closure. To be honest, I don’t think the magnet is strong enough. If I had to carry this around with me I would be worried it would open up and make a mess! I think I would put a rubber band around it to keep it shut.


The Colours

As it is a nude palette all the colours are quite neutral. The 3 colours on the left are bigger than others because they are the base colours. There are 3 suggested looks you can recreate: ‘Day’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Fashion’- or you can create your own look! The palette comes with instructions to show you how to do the different looks. The guide is easy to follow and understand- see the picture below.

The colours are highly pigmented, you only need to apply a little to get a great colour. The product stays on my brush well whilst you are applying it- it doesn’t fall down your face!

My favourite shade is ‘Push-Up’, it’s a great everyday colour, it has a lovely shimmer. I like to use ‘Sexspresso’ on my lower lashes to line my eyes. Another honourable mention goes to ‘Honey Pot’…such a glam colour!


Final Thoughts

I’ve been using this palette for a couple of months now, and I still love using it. It is a great starter palette as you can effortlessly create different looks. I think it is good value for money because a little bit of eyeshadow goes a long way! I would recommend this palette to everyone, whether you’re a beginner or experienced

Question: What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?


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35 thoughts on “Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette Review

  1. I’m totally the same, I wore one solid color on my entire eyelid, and I know you’re not supposed to do that, but I’m not good with using multiple so I just stopped. This palette looks beautiful.

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  2. I can’t remember the last time I bought a palette – LOL!

    However, my eldest is a beauty vlogger, and I know she loves the Too Faced palettes, and she just ordered the new Kat Von D limited edition. 😀

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