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Graze Shop: Haul & Review

Graze recently opened their online shop! I love Graze, they have grown so much in recent years- I have been a Graze customer since 2014. They used to be entirely based online, but they sell products in shops as well now.

Graze are known for their popular snack subscription boxes. If you would like to learn more about Graze snack boxes please click Here to read my review.

Snack Punnets

In their online shop, you can buy ingredients and bundles of snack punnets. If you have a favourite Graze snack you can see if it’s available in the shop. They sell the punnets in packs of 6, most of them cost £5.99. This is a good idea as you can pick what you would like. I didn’t get any this time, though. There is a mixture of sweet and savoury snacks you can choose from.

Ingredient Bags

Everything apart from the tea bags are ingredient bags. I got: soft dried pear, chia seeds, linseeds, chopped dates, baobab powder and cherry & chocolate protein topper. When I placed my order I wanted to get some cocoa powder and cocoa nibs but they were sold out, unfortunately! Ingredient bags are great if you enjoy cooking and baking as you can stock up on your healthy ingredient essentials.

(All quotes are taken from the Graze website)


Tea Bags

I prefer coffee over tea any day, but I like to have a cup of tea mid-morning whilst at work. These are very nice tea bags; they are an infusion of Assam, Kenyan and Earl Grey tea. You get 24 tea bags for £2.99.

You’ve been asking where you can get your hands on our original tea blend ever since the introduction of our cakes and puds. Created by our own Ellie under the guidance of a tea master, and exclusive to graze, you can now order a whole box of your graze Afternoon Infusion to enjoy whenever you fancy.


Super Baobab Powder

I haven’t used any of the baobab powder yet…let me know if you have any recipes! It comes in a 150g bag and costs £6.99.

Pure baobab powder, a tropical superfruit that’s a source of potassium

Super Chia Seeds

I have been using these quite a lot. I have been baking with them, and I put them in smoothies. The next thing I would like to try is Chia pudding…let me know if you have a recipe! It comes in a 200g bag and costs £3.99.

We love chia seeds! They may be small, but they are nutritional powerhouses, packed with healthy benefits. Buy some chia seeds and add a sprinkle to porridge, salads, soups or smoothies for an extra boost!


Dried Fruit: Raisins, Pear and Dates

I love dried fruit; you can use it as a baking ingredient, or you can eat it as a snack. I like to put some in a little snack box , and take it to work with me. These dried fruits are very good quality…and very yummy!

Chilian Flame Raisins: 250g- £1.99

Soft Dried Pear: 120g- £2.49

Chopped Dates: 200g- £1.75


Pure Golden Linseed

I haven’t used linseeds before, let me know what I can do with them! On the packet is says you can use them for baking, as a topper and for cooking. It comes in a 250g bag and costs £1.25.

Our golden linseeds – also known as flaxseeds – are a powerhouse of health! Just one 30g serving provides you with 6g of protein, 8g of fibre, top ups of vital vitamins and minerals like vitamin B1 and magnesium, and more than three times your recommended intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Cherry & Chocolate Protein Yoghurt Topper

I love Graze’s yoghurt toppers! I have had these in the snack boxes before- you get a big bag from the shop! You can sprinkle this on whatever you fancy, I like to sprinkle a little on my Banana and Berry Breakfast Bowl. You get a 149g bag for £1.99.

Get creative with our cherry & chocolate granola topper. Boost your breakfast or dress your dessert with our crunchy cocoa oat and barley granola, fruity freeze dried cherry and chopped hazelnuts.


Final Thoughts

I personally think the Graze shop is a great idea! I live in a small town and I’m unable to get certain ingredients sometimes- ordering from the Graze shop will help me get everything I need. Buying the punnet pacts is a great way to get your favourite snacks! It will take a while to use everything up, but I will place an order again in the future. Everything from Graze is excellent quality so you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to seeing how/if they expand the range!

Question: What is your favourite Graze snack?



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7 thoughts on “Graze Shop: Haul & Review

    1. Thanks for stopping buy! Well, if you wanted to give them a go, I have a code on my Graze section box review to get your first box free :). Definitely, I love adding extras into porridge! I live in a small town, so things like that are hard to come by…so the Graze shop makes ingredients more accessible for me 🙂


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