Holiday In Ibiza (May 2017): Part 2

You might be aware that I was recently on holiday in Ibiza with my boyfriend. We went there 12th May for a luxurious 2 weeks. This was our first time in Ibiza. I know Ibiza is known for its party atmosphere, BUT, it is so much more than that as I’ll prove!

Please click HERE if you missed part one.

In part 1 I talked about the hotel and town we stayed in. Today I will be sharing with you what we got up to and where we went! Grab a coffee, it’s going to be a long post…

BeFunky Collage2

What did we get up to?

When we go on holiday we like to do a little bit of sunbathing, but our favourite thing to do is go out on day trips. We like to go on holiday in May when it’s not too hot so we can do lots of walking and we explore. Some people don’t even leave the hotel, I don’t understand that AT ALL! They may as well just stay at home, am I right?

When we have been to other countries before, there are local companies who run bus excursions. We always enjoy these excursions but there is no such thing on Ibiza, unfortunately. Thompson offers some excursions but they tend to be overpriced, however, we booked one trip with them.

On the days we didn’t go out we just enjoyed the sun and we went walking to get some much-needed exercise from eating too much.

Ibiza Town

There is a good local bus service on Ibiza which makes getting around easy. The bus station in Santa Eulalia is a 20minute walk from the hotel. The timetable and pricing are easy and straightforward to understand: for 2 adults to get to Ibiza town and back again only costs €8-, much cheaper than a taxi!

The main attraction in Ibiza town is the Dalt Vila (pictured below). Dalt Vila basically means ‘old town’, it is still inhabited which is pretty cool. If you have enough energy, you can climb to the top and be awarded an amazing panoramic view. There is a cathedral located at the top but we didn’t go inside. I don’t know when the old town and fortress was built but it’s still in pretty good nick! People kept asking us for directions, we found this quite funny as we didn’t know where we were going either! It would be worth a visit at night time as well when it is all lit up.

At the base of the old town, there is a maze of cobbled streets with hidden shops and restaurants which we enjoyed wondering around. We also had a walk around the harbour, it is so big! If you need a retail therapy fix whilst in Ibiza, there is a road featuring many familiar high street shops: Zara, Mango, Rituals, Pull and Bear, Superdry and many more. I resisted temptation and just bought one top from Pull and Bear.

BeFunky Collage8
Chilling with the canon
BeFunky Collage9
Looking up to the Dalt Vila and looking down from the Dalt Vila

Sunset Cruise in San Antonio

This is the trip we booked through Thompson. I love to watch the sunset whilst on holiday, but Santa Eulalia is on the wrong side of the island so we had to visit San Antonio on the west of the island. We were picked up from our hotel at 18:30 and arrived back at the hotel at 23:30. The trip costs €35, this quite expensive but we wanted the experience.

Once everyone had boarded we got a free glass of Sangria! The boat we were on had the capacity to seat 200 people, but there were on 50 of us so we could walk around the boat freely, which was nice.

We were a bit early for the sunset so we just sailed around for a little while and got to see some cool rock formations. The sunset in San Antonio always attracts a crowd: the beaches were lined with people waiting and there were people sitting on the cliffs ( a bit dangerous!). If you go on a trip like this, there is no guarantee it’s not going to be cloudy. Unfortunately for us, it was cloudy but I still managed to get some nice pictures.

When the boat trip finished we had an hour of free time before we had to be back on the bus. There wasn’t enough time for a hot meal so we just grabbed a few snacks from a supermarket. San Antonio is clubbing central, so we tried to stay away from the drunk people! I’m sure the town is very nice during the day, though.

BeFunky Collage1.jpg
Some cool rock formations we saw along the way.
BeFunky Collage2.jpg
Still pretty cool even though it was cloudy

Tourist Train Trip 1: Hippy Market

A novel way to get around the island was to take a ride on the tourist train! By train, I mean road train thing- pictured below. There is a choice of 4 different trips (we did 3 of them), all the trips cost €16 and last for 3 hours including travel time.

The first trip we went on was to the Hippy Market. Sorry, but I forgot to take any pictures- ooops! The hippy market we went to was the Punta Arabi one in Es Cana. There are a few markets on Ibiza but this is the biggest and most known. It runs every Wednesday, April- October and is open 10:00- 19:00.

I think we had just under 2 hours to walk around the market which is plenty of time. Before we arrived, I thought it was going to be quite small despite its popularity, but I was wrong- there are hundreds of stalls!  We didn’t go there to look for anything in particular, we just wanted to go for the experience. To be honest, there is a lot of overpriced tat being sold, but the stalls selling handmade stuff are nice. The only thing I purchased was a handmade lizard picture (I have 2 Leopard Geckos so HAD to get it!).

Luckily it wasn’t too hot when we went but I can imagine it is unpleasant when it is hot, as it sooo busy! I wouldn’t recommend taking small children because I saw quite a lot of parents getting stressed out! Otherwise, it is nice to go for the experience.

BeFunky Collagetrain.jpg
The ‘train’!! We liked to sit right at the back
BeFunky Collagegecko.jpg
The lizard picture I bought from the market

Tourist Train Trip 2: 3 Beaches

On this trip, we got to visit 3 different beaches: Pou Des Lleo, Cala Boix and Es Figueral. In the little brochure we had, it stated there will be plenty of time to ‘have a drink and sunbathe’….nope, there wasn’t! We had 15 minutes at the first two stops and 40 minutes at the last beach. We enjoyed the journey through the countryside, but it took quite a long time to arrive at the first beach. I feel like the brochure was a bit misleading. Nevermind. It was quite a cloudy day (no point in sunbathing), so thought we may as well go out. All 3 of the beaches are small and are relatively unspoilt. We just did a little bit of walking and took some pictures.

BeFunky Collagebeach1
Pou Des Lleo
BeFunky Collagebeach2.jpg
Cala Boix
BeFunky Collagebeach3.jpg
Es Figueral

Tourist Train Trip 3: Farmhouse Museum

Like the trip above, this was another 3 stop trip. The first stop was to a typical old farmhouse from the 17th century- it was like stepping back in time! The point of it is to show how people used to live in Ibiza many years ago, it was very interesting. You also get the chance to taste typical liqueurs of the island (we hate liqueurs, though!). Everything in the house is so small, look at the pictures below!

The next stop was to San Carlos to visit the 18th-century church. I wish I took a picture of it from the outside because it is a nice typical whitewashed Ibizan building. In the hotel, there were canvas pictures of the church along the corridors. I think we had half an hour here, so we had time to have a little walk around San Carlos. When we sat on a bench we saw a cat sitting inside a tea trunk- I wish I was quick enough to take a picture before it jumped out!

The third and final stop was Cala Nova beach. Some people went for a swim in the sea here but we just had an ice cream and a drink. We walked up the cliff a little bit and took some good pictures.

Look at the little hobbit door (I’m a little over 5 foot!), and teeny tiny chairs!
Farmhouse 2.jpg
The outside of the farmhouse was very pretty
Inside the church at San Carlos and Cala Nova Beach

Day trip to Formentera

We visited the island of Formentera on our final day (Formentera is the baby of the Balearic Islands). We debated a little bit about going, but I knew I would regret not going once home. We have been to Mallorca before, so we just need to visit Menorca now (maybe next year!).

We got the ferry from Santa Eulalia’s marina: the ferry leaves once a day at 10:30 and returns at 5:15 (there will be an additional ferry at 9:30 in the summer). The tickets cost €35 each (return ticket). For some reason, I thought it would only take half an hour to get there, but it took close to 90 minutes. The ferry was a similar size to the one in San Antonio, but this one packed with people- we got a rubbish seat downstairs away from the windows. There were quite a lot of children getting sea sick!

Before we got off the ferry, there were men going around hiring out bicycles: they kept saying the beach is too far away to walk to. We knew this was a scam to get your money, so we politely declined the bikes! Once off the boat people had to queue ages pick up their bicycles! FYI, we walked to the beach in 20 minutes.

As it was a last minute decision to visit Formentera we didn’t plan what to do, so we just walked around the beach, took some pictures and did some sunbathing. We were hoping to have lunch at the beach restaurant, but it was sooo expensive…€20 for a simple Ceasar salad, no thanks! So, we headed back into the town to find somewhere cheaper (€14 for 2 meals!).

We also saw some salt flats whilst there and saw the little lizards which are only found on Formentera- they were everywhere and mega cute! On the way back we managed to get a seat upstairs (open air deck) so we could take some pictures.

Walking to the beach
A lighthouse we passed in Formentera on the way back


Firstly, I’d like to say sorry that this post is sooo long (1963 words!), but I wanted to record my experiences so I can look back on this post! I have enjoyed writing about my Ibiza experience very much, I wish I could go abroad more than once a year!

To be honest, I booked this holiday because the package holiday was such a bargain! Otherwise, I don’t think Ibiza would have been on my radar. I know Ibiza has been branded as ‘the party island’, but I can confirm this is not true! There was plenty for us to do during our 2 weeks. I would return to Ibiza but not anytime soon because I feel like we had time to do everything we wanted.

I loved the hotel, I loved Santa Eulalia, I loved the people, I loved our experiences, I loved the sun, I loved Ibiza….what more could I ask for?!



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25 thoughts on “Holiday In Ibiza (May 2017): Part 2

  1. It was so nice to read more about your holiday! I absolutely loved all of your photos, and you’ve really shown that Ibiza is great even if you aren’t super into the party scene! The boat tour sounded amazing, and I’d love to see that farmhouse museum!!


    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gorgeous pictures Em! It definitely seems like this holiday was amazing! Don’t apologise for the long post, you had a lot to say and this way you can read back on it later and revisit the experiences!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This looks like a fantastic trip. I love Spanish islands so much. There’s so much adventuring to be done. I’ve never been to Ibiza though, but I know there’s so much to it than the party scene. Those rock formations look awesome! Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. We keep meaning to go to Ibiza. I had no idea there was enough to do to keep busy for 2 weeks! Loved your detailed walkthrough of the sites (particularly old town). Going to share, and hopefully, convince my wife that we should get going.

    Liked by 1 person

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